TN50#11, Get to Work, 15 March 2021

Hi Team,

Happy Monday and welcome to The Next 50 #11,

Today, the Ides of March, is my birthday and not just any birthday, my 50th birthday.  As the day approached, I really wanted to have something profound to say to you all.  You might even say that I have been waiting on a message from God or the universe for those of you who have a different world view from me. 😉

I woke up today feeling good, but no profound insights from a night of dreams.  I started the day with coffee and a little C.S. Lewis and Ryan Holiday, most of you know that this would be followed by a workout, what I like to call my MOVE.  My workout today was predestined by the blizzard/snowstorm we experienced from Friday night to this morning – shoveling snow.  For whatever reason I was looking forward to this, weird right?  This is the biggest snowstorm in our 5 years of being in Colorado.  After a couple hours of shoveling snow, to the point I could easily get my old Land Cruiser out it hit me, three simple words.

Get to Work!

Not “Get to work” as motivation, this has always been quick to pop into my brain for my own internal coaching and out of my mouth for external coaching (Kids, Operators, Athletes).

The other version. I have the capacity to work.  I have the desire to work.  I get to work!  This isn’t something I think about.  It may have never crossed my mind as a stand-alone thought.

How about you?

50 years of life, untold amounts of money spent in training and real-world experience while serving in the US Army and lessons learned from making more mistakes than you can shake a stick at without accidentally killing anyone, and this is what God gave me today.  Three one syllable words: Get To Work.

I am so thankful for my capacity to work.  I am so thankful for my desire to work.  I am so thankful for the nature and the nurture involved with both these things.  I am so thankful that I won the birth lottery, born in the USA, is there any place in the world where a capacity and desire to work is more useful?

I think this is a good place to stop, I hope I have given you something worth thinking about.  At a minimum I hope it makes you thankful that you get to work too.

Have a good one, Alex