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TN50#19, Move It or Lose It #2, 10 May 2021

Hi Team,

Happy Monday and welcome to The Next 50 #19,

First Principles Performance, LLC has the mission of helping high achievers perform better.  I use the following 3 performance buckets to help clients improve their lives: Eat, Sleep, Move.  As I focused on “MOVE” last week, I mentioned “Exercise Gets Everywhere”, and I received some interesting feedback.  I thought I would share my short list of where exercise gets.

A few places exercise gets to improve your physical performance:

  1. Improves cardiovascular function
  2. Improves blood glucose levels
  3. Improves blood pressure
  4. Improves bone density
  5. Improves strength in muscles, ligaments and tendons
  6. Combats the effects of arthritis
  7. Reduces the risk of a bunch of cancers
  8. Helps maintain healthy body weight
  9. Improves sleep

A few places exercise gets to improve your mental performance:

  1. Stimulates endorphins
  2. Reduces risk of dementia
  3. Improves brain function
  4. Improves productivity
  5. Improves creativity
  6. Improves motivation
  7. Improves sleep

A few places exercise gets to improve your emotional performance:

  1. Reduces stress
  2. Reduces depression
  3. Reduces anxiety
  4. Improves self-esteem
  5. Improves mood
  6. Improves sleep

What am I missing?

Have a good one, Alex