TN50#25, High Performance Is Personal, 21 June  2021

Hi Team,

Happy Monday and welcome to The Next 50 #25.

How do you define High Performance?

I’ll make it easy, pick which photo = high performance: A or B.

  1. Commando, pix 1
  2. Real Estate Agent, pix 2

Easy, right?  Not so fast.

Here’s the First Principles Performance definition of a High-Performer:

A High Performer has the physical, mental and emotional capacity to get everything they need to accomplish in their personal and professional life done well, on a day-to-day basis, including their hobbies and personal interests.  They can do this over months, years, decades.

As the seasons of life change the day-to-day actions of a high-performer changes.  Here is an example: Navy SEAL/Husband/Dad High Performer becomes Retired Navy SEAL/Entrepreneur/Husband/Dad High Performer.  Jocko (hopefully he hits all these marks I don’t personally know him).

Looking back at the pictures, what’s your answer now?  Mine is, “who knows”.

Obviously high performers have their ups and downs just like every human being currently on the planet, so as you think this over for yourself, don’t focus on today or even the last couple months.  How are you trending over the last year, got some extra COVID-19 weight that you need to deal with?  Are you purposeful about your sleep and movement habits (in a positive way) on a regular basis?

How about the last 5 years, do you generally feel good about the last 5 years?  If your answer is “yes” great, keep the high ground.  If your answer is “no” not great but it could be worse, you have just identified a problem and now you can address and start to fix it.

If you are like me regardless of how you answered “the last 5 years” question, there is always room for improvement.  Remember, Selection Is An Ongoing Process, 3, 2, 1, Go!

As always, I would love your thoughts on this entry so don’t be shy and share away.

Have a good one, Alex