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TN50 #43, I Help High Achievers Perform Better! 25 October 2021

Hi Team,

Happy Monday and welcome to The Next 50 #43.

As most of you know I am all in on my coaching business now and no long have a corporate job.  So I have a lot more conversations with friends and family who want to know what I do. I respond with the following, “I help high achievers perform better.”  These six words accurately describe what I do but they definitely are not enough to get a stranger to sign up for coaching and this is ok too because I don’t want to work with strangers…

I recently took a few hours to expand on my 6-word job description for a friend who knows a lot of potential clients (based on my client demographic and his current circumstances), he wants to help me and help his colleagues if there may be a good coach-client fit.  This expanded version is closer to 600 words.  I just read back through it and there are a lot of improvements that need to be made.

With that in mind give it a read.

AND!  Here is your mission if you choose to accept it:

  1. Clients (who have spent many hours with me in this work): Let me know where I totally missed something important or mischaracterized something important in our work together.
  2. Non-Clients: What is still unclear from this longer description?
  3. Both: You can be short and very direct (unless your first name is Doug, in which case I would like something very polite and lots of flowery words!)

Here it is, as sent minus the salutation:

I loved being a Commando at the very pointy end of the spear in my past life, and I also enjoyed building a new security program for Western Union for the 5 years I spent there (left in June, 2021) after retiring from the Army (October, 2016).  Looking back over these last 30 years of my life I can pinpoint that my favorite parts of all of it was working with my tribe to make “something” better and being a “performance” geek.  Starting a passion project coaching business in 2018 at 47 is the evolution of my unique set of interests and experiences in combination with helping my new tribe get better results in their endeavors.  In a nut shell, helping make better human beings!

I currently have one container for my coaching business.  High touch, high access 1.1 coaching and I ask that my clients commit to working with me for at least one year.  As a sidenote, every client who stuck with me for the first year is still an active member of my tribe.

My clients are looking for someone to guide them through the process of improving their physical, mental and emotional capacity.  We do this by focusing on Better Basics in 4 domains: Eat, Sleep, Move, Think.

Their problems generally stem from being highly successful in their vocation in the 21st Century at the expense of their Human Performance (HP).  They realize that they are deficient in all three domains; physical, mental and emotional, and that these deficiencies are costing them in all aspects of their quality of life.

They need a Human Performance Program that works and they are often directionally confused (spin class or the Mediterranean Diet?), or unmotivated (failure on multiple attempts in this space!) or overwhelmed (where do I start?) or all three. They may be thinking, “If I am going to invest anymore time and money on a performance program it needs to work for me and my current life”.  I agree with this thought.  Nobody should feel like a failure after spending valuable time and money on a diet, pill (well maybe they should feel like a failure if they are relying on magic pills as the mainstay of their HP program!) or workout protocol that doesn’t work or be expected to wade through the 3 feet of horse shit in the health and fitness space.

So here is what I do once a prospective client and I sniff each other out and agree to work together.  As a SEAL this will look very familiar.

The Better Basics Program in 4 Steps:

    1. Recognize (The Reckoning) – You can do better. Measure, Record and Analyze @ Baseline
    2. Respond – Make a plan. Adjust from baseline and execute the new plan
    3. Record – Subjective and Objective Measures, what works, what doesn’t, celebrate the wins
    4. Repeat – Your best becomes your baseline

My Core Values are:

    1. Love
    2. Curiosity
    3. Consistency
    4. Sense of Humor
    5. Patience
    6. Relationship

These values resonate with my clients.

With my Better Basics Program, coaching clients gain the experience and education they need to understand what first principles they need to focus on for their best life.  Clients have a plan for optimizing performance that is based on how they Eat, Sleep, Move and Think.  New knowledge and understanding allows members of my tribe to adjust to changing circumstances and have contingency plans for one-off situations.

I am updating my branding and website and currently have 2 slots that I am looking to fill by the end of the year.

I have 3 comments to add to what you just read.

  1. Some of you know that I have had one cohort class and that I may be launching another one for a special business client, I didn’t mention it to my buddy since this group container is still in beta.
  2. So far, I get all my clients through introductions from other clients or close friends and I have a no assholes rule so don’t introduce me to anyone you wouldn’t invite to your daughter’s wedding or have babysit your kids.
  3. As of today, I am down to one empty slot for the remainder of 2021!

I’ll ask again, I would love it if you shared your thoughts on this entry and please share this with your tribe or anyone who may really need that last slot!

Have a good one, Alex

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