TN50 #53: 3, 2, 1, Go! 03 January 2022

Hi Team,

Happy Monday and welcome to The Next 50 #53.  In case you missed this on Friday I am resending the New Year’s Eve Bonus tonight

Here are 3 templates I have looked through this past week, you might find something useful in one or all of them as you crank up 2022.

I’m not recommending that you take 10 hours over the next few days to deep dive and fill out all these but take a quick tour of them and see if there are any specific pieces or parts that might be useful to you as thought work.

These first 2 are from Patrick Buggy at Mindful Ambition, they are long form and are dated back from 2019/2020, so if you print them for use just remember to strike the 2019/2020 and scribble in 2021/2022 before you put them in the time capsule.

Year in Review [template]

Best Year Ever Preview/Planning [template]

This 3rd one is A Year In Review from the Tim Ferris Blog and it’s set up to work as you do a 80/20 analysis of your 2021 calendar.  I didn’t do the week-by-week calendar review, I personally used it more like a batch filter for things like:

  1. Podcasts
  2. Authors
  3. Subscriptions
  4. Things I Eat
  5. Et cetera

You can use it however you see fit!

Happy New Year and God Bless, Alex

2022 Murph Count: 23

PS: Team Better Gathering #2, 26 September – 02 October 2022 – Save the Date