TN50#51, The Audible List From 2021, 20 December 2021

Hi Team,

Merry Christmas, Happy Monday and welcome to The Next 50 #51, I thought it might be fun to share my Audible list from 2021 and point out a few of the outstanding books I listened to this year.

Here is the list, in no particular order. I have scrubbed out books I started and didn’t finish due to lack of interest, a few of the books are books I have read or listened to multiple times over the years that made the playlist in 2021.

  1. Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman
  2. The Body, Bill Bryson
  3. The Squeaky Wheel, Guy Winch
  4. Exercised, Daniel Liberman
  5. Successful Aging, Daniel Levitin
  6. The Talent War, Mike Sarraille
  7. Do This for Love, David Eubank
  8. Breath, James Nestor:  If you have never thought about the importance of breathing, you should – immediately.  This is a very easy to listen to book on how we breath now and how we use to breath prior to our modern world.  There are actual exercises that you can do referenced in the book to explore some of the concepts that are discussed.
  9. Beyond Order, Jordan Peterson: If you enjoy JP’s podcast or his prior book Twelve Rules for Life, you will enjoy Beyond Order.
  10. Physical Intelligence, Scott Grafton
  11. Brain Maker, David Perlmutter
  12. The Almanac of Naval Ravikant, Eric Jorgenson 
  13. Burn, Herman Pontzer
  14. Metabolical, Robert Lustig
  15. The Hungry Brain, Stephan Guyenet
  16. Loserthink, Scott Adams
  17. The Case for Keto, Gary Taubes: This is a very accessible book for anyone who wants to understand why a low-carb, moderate to high fat, moderate to high protein method of eating might be exactly what they need in today’s modern world.  You will be blown away by the science that is mostly ignored by; doctors, nutritionists, the AMA, the AHA, the ADA and the mainstream media.
  18. Switch On Your Brain, Caroline Leaf
  19. How To Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big, Scott Adams: Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, did not disappoint with this how to autobiography!
  20. Influence, New and Expanded, Robert Cialdini
  21. The Obstacle Is the Way, Ryan Holiday
  22. The Road Less Stupid, Keith Cunningham
  23. Encounters With Jesus, Tim Keller: If you like Tim Keller’s writing you will like this book.
  24. $100M Offers, Alex Hormozi
  25. The Wim Hof Method, Wim Hof
  26. Building A Story Brand, Donald Miller
  27. It Takes What It Takes, Trevor Moawad: This is a great book on living life from a neutral vs. positive or negative mindset.  There are concepts in this book that relate to how we operated when I was in SOF. 
  28. Courage Is Calling, Ryan Holliday
  29. Who Not How, Daniel Sullivan
  30. Think Again, Adam Grant
  31. The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, John Mark Comer: If the title of this one speaks to you, give it a listen.  This book is easily in my Top 5 for 2021, even though he gets a little “hippie” towards the end.  Like all the book on this list, take what is useful!
  32. Run For Your Life, Mark Cuccozella: This book is obviously focused on running but it is worth reading by anyone who incorporates walking and running into a mixed modality movement program. 
  33. The End of Alzheimer’s, Dale Bredesen
  34. Gates of Fire, Steven Pressfield
  35. The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks
  36. The Wonder Switch, Harris III
  37. Profit First, Mike Michalowicz
  38. Do The Work, Steven Pressfield
  39. The Practice, Seth Godin
  40. The War of Art, Steven Pressfield: I listened to this book at least 3 times in 2021, what a great call to action.  You can get through the whole book in a couple workouts on 1.3 X speed
  41. The Third Door, Alex Banayan
  42. Natural Born Heroes, Christopher McDougall: This book shares an amazing story of WWII alongside a performance narrative that IMO is very useful today.

All the books on this list were good and I learned something from each and every one, especially ones by authors like: Kahneman and Cialdini.  The Bible, C.S. Lewis Devotional and The Daily Stoic aren’t on my audible list, but I get a daily dose from all 3 most mornings!  If there is any title on here that you would like to discuss or any books you think I need to listen to based on this list shoot me an email and we can dive in on the title.    

As always please share your thoughts or questions and share this with your team or anyone who might find it useful.

Have a good one, Alex

2022 Murph Count: 21