TN50 #74, Memorial Day Matters – 1 Year Later, 30 May 2022

Hi Team,

Happy Monday and welcome to The Next 50 #74.  Today is Memorial Day, last year I wrote that Memorial Day is tough for me and that I wanted to do better this year, 2022.  Here is the list that I totally forgot about until I just pulled up the post from last year.

This is what I sent out:

… My goal for Memorial Day 2022, and beyond.  Do better, and here is how I see that:

  1. Reach out to Gold Star Families that I know and that matter to me, regularly.
  2. Plan Memorial Day Weekend events for my family and I to attend because Memorial Day is important.
  3. Not just drink and hide

All in all, the year and this Memorial Day Weekend was very successful based on these goals to do better.  On 1, I did better but I did better but there is still room for improvement.  On 2, Tm Racey just returned from 4 days and 3 nights of Family Camp with one of our local churches, it was an amazing time and we were sad to have to drive home today, tons of fellowship, tons of physical activity and communion all the while surrounded by snow covered peaks, we even had a dusting of snow on the ground in camp this morning.  On 3, there was no hiding and no drinking!

Here are a couple other things you may or may not remember from this time last year.

Reminder 1:  I had a personal goal of completing 50 X Murph WODs by Memorial Day 2022.  As of about 45 minutes ago I completed my 52nd rep on the WOD.  Many of you have sent texts and some pix of your Murph moments this weekend to which I say “rock on, great work!”  I also said I would donate $20 a WOD to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (so I am in for $1040.00)

Reminder 2:  I also requested that you all do some version of the same.  Whether it was based on your personal Murph Challenge or my reps,  Here’s the link to the SOWF donate site.

If you donate/donated to SOWF based on this challenge please let me know. I won’t share names but I would love to let their President/CEO and my friend, Clayton M. Hutmacher, Major General, USA (RET) know how we showed up as a group.

Finally, please remember those we left on the battlefield and their families this Memorial Day and every day.  God Bless!

Have a good one, Alex

Murph Count 2022: 52