TN50 #93, Do Hard Things, 17 October 2022

Hi Team,

Happy Monday and welcome to The Next 50 #94.  I Lots of great information

If any of you want to discuss setting up a trip like the one I’ll describe please let me know.  I have 2 reps as a civilian and many more reps from back when I was a commando, all designed for my team.  I would be happy to help you get organized and/or facilitate for your team adventure.

For the 2nd Annual First Principles Performance Coaching – Team Gathering, I focused a lot more of our time on learning, hands-on and discussions, with plenty of team building and opportunities for pushing individual limits every day as well.  The facilities that we had access to in Pasadena allowed for an amazing learning/training environment; we were blessed to have this space to call home.

Here is what the Team accomplished:

Team members played hurt, team members hiked more than 2X’s their previous best efforts, team members coached their spouses, team members lost toenails, team members moved big rattles snakes, team members saw a really big bear and team members climbed into a cold plunge set at 37 degrees F. and sat submerged for what seemed like forever!  Team members were housed at an amazing hotel on a beautiful property that they barely had time to enjoy.  Team members tried new movement techniques.  Team members learned how to design a Protein focused EAT plan, and on and on.

The climbing stats:

Team members hiked more than 20 miles in the San Gabriel Mountain Range, gained over 1-mile of vertical elevation and painfully descended from on high (the eccentric phase focus of climbing down is always hard).

Here’s the flow:

Day 1 – Arrival and an amazing team cookout.  Introductions were made, a general scheme of maneuver was set and a brief discussion covering:

  1. Type 1 and Type 2 Fun, as described here.
  2. Pushing past comfortable, where growth occurs.  Getting comfy being Uncomfy.
  3. And a hearty thanks to our hosts who provided an amazing environment and lots of chow for the entirety of the event.

Day 2 – Began with a shake-out hike back in Eaton Canyon to make sure everyone’s gear fit and worked well.  A late breakfast at Millie’s Café, in Pasadena, so good after a 5-mile hike. Back to our compound for a group discussion on our Better Basics – Eat Framework, followed by a hands-on-exercises covering:

  1. The importance of practicing ground work; getting up and down off the ground,
  2. Morning Moves – a short, yoga focused, movement practice to start your day
  3. The Squat – Spending time in the bottom-squat position every day and Squat Therapy.

We ended the training day with a “free-fitness” contrast therapy session, getting really hot and really cold, for all the right reasons!

Day 3 – Lots of ground covered without leaving the compound.  Coffee, Better Basics Discussions – SLEEP and MOVE, Z5 Round Robin Workout (4 minutes work/rest) utilizing the following movements:

  • Station 1: Jump Rope and Lunges
  • Station 2: Assault Bike,
  • Station 3: Box Jump/Step Ups and Slam Balls
  • Station 4: Push Ups, ABMAT Sit Ups and TRX Chest Rows

Many of these movements were new for some members of the team.

Breaking the fast with Lucky Boy’s breakfast burritos and fruit, breath work – downregulating (after a workout or pre bed ritual), cornhole, ping pong, contrast hot/cold exposure training and early dinner at True Food Kitchen before an early turn in before the long walk.

Day 4 – 5:00 am pick up.  A long climb for everyone, the longest climb ever for a few. 10 Hours on the Trail, back to the Compound for recovery (sauna, cold plunge, hot tub) topped off with an amazing meal from Sushi Roku, friends and parting gifts for the team.

Many amazing experiences and personal insights were had by all.  For me being a part of the “longest walk I’ve ever done” with some members of my team was, once again, powerful, but so was seeing a big bear in the woods, near Orchard Camp.

What sound good and what sounds scary?

Let me know what you would do different, and let me know if you need help with set up for your own Gathering!

As always share the post with your team or anyone who might find it useful.

Have a good one, Alex