TN50#124, Your Max Is Someone Else’s Warm Up – And That’s OK, 12 July 2023

Hi Team,

Happy Wednesday and welcome to The Next 50 #124.  I like to think of personal performance in 3 components: physical, mental and emotional.  My frameworks focus on 4 Buckets: Eat, Sleep, Move and Think.  This blog is my sandbox for sharing information that you might find useful regarding your personal performance.

If you haven’t done anything hard in a while, a Trail Run may be the way to go.

I mentioned this 2 weeks ago after I ran the Cuchara 50 Miler on Saturday, 24 June, I also mentioned that I would write about some mindset realizations this week so let’s go.

Today’s lesson is nice and short: Hard is relative, compete with yourself.

I mentioned last week that I was climbing the familiar “Do Hard Things” ladder by training for and completing a 50-mile trail run and the ladder I should be on is the “The Uncomfortable – Build My Business and Love on My Family More” ladder.  So what am I talking about this week?

The lady crossing the log in front of me at the top of this blog is Sarah.  I met Sarah on the Cuchara 50-mile race.  My Max Effort 50-Mile Trail Run was a training run for Sarah, who has 2 young daughters and uses ultra running as her “me” time.  Sarah will go on to do multiple 100-mile trail runs this month in preparation for a 209-mile trail run in August called, Big Foot.  Big Foot 2023 will be her 3rd 200+ Mile Ultra.

Here’s some Big Foot stats:

  • 46,000 + feet of ascent
  • 209.5 miles, nonstop, point to point!
  • Fully marked course with reflective ribbons and signs
  • 5 Sleep Stations with full aid, hot food, medical, and crew access
  • 14 full aid stations with hot food, medical, and more
  • The 200 miler starts at Mount St. Helens in the Cascade Mountain Range of Washington State and finishes in Randle, WA, traversing point-to-point through the Cascade Mountains.

Hearing about Sarah’s Ultra season was fascinating, inspiring and a great mindset reset on the relative nature of HARD THINGS.

So here’s the mindset reset again: Hard is relative, compete with yourself.

Here’s the background: No matter the event or discipline someone is out there doing something way crazier and they are doing it for their own benefit.  No social media, no podcasts, no sponsors.  Hard is relative, compete with yourself. 

And here’s the application: If you’ve never walked in the woods in your life (and you want to do this) a 5K trail run intro race might be just what you need.  If you’ve never given a speech in front of a group (and you want to do this) join Toastmasters and sign up for your Ice Breaker.  If you’ve never fasted before (and you want to do this), start by skipping one meal.  Hard is relative, compete with yourself.

Do you need help with application?  Let me be your guide:

 As always share the post with your team and anyone who might find it useful and let me know what you think!

Have a good one, Alex

PS. If you or someone you know (individuals, teams, businesses) needs personal performance support please reach out and let me know or introduce me, I can help with Better Basics frameworks that will improve your individual and team performance and I can provide the mindset coaching support that’s always required on an individual or team journey like this.