TN50#125, Hearty As A Hobbit, 17 July 2023

Hi Team,

Happy Monday and welcome to The Next 50 #125.  I like to think of personal performance in 3 components: physical, mental and emotional.  My frameworks focus on 4 Buckets: Eat, Sleep, Move and Think.  This blog is my sandbox for sharing information that you might find useful regarding your personal performance.

Have you ever thought, “If only I could be as hearty as a Hobbit!”?  Well maybe you should.

I am a big fan of JR Tolkien’s, Lord of the Rings series; and Hobbits play a major role in this epic Hero’s Journey.  Here’s JR Tolkien describing Hobbits:

“They had mouths apt to laughter and eating and drinking.  And laugh they did and eating and drinking they did; often heartily, often 6 times a day – if they could get it.  None the less, ease and peace had left them tough as old tree roots.  They were difficult to daunt or kill.  They were so unwearyingly fond of good things, not least because they could, when put to it, do without them; they could survive rough handling by grief or foe or weather in a way that astonished those that did not know them well and looked no further than their well-fed faces.” 

If you’ve never read or watched the Lord of The Rings trilogy you may want to give it a go; it’s an amazing adventure.

I am lucky to count many a Hobbit as friends; most of them warriors I use to work with in the military; and some of them are more recent friends who showed up in my inner circle after retiring in 2016.  Bottom line if you want to be more like a Hobbit, surround yourself with Hobbits.

Background:  If you want to listen to the podcast that has me thinking about the Hobbit Worldview click here, then scroll down and play the episode – The First Word.

Middle Earth Disclaimer:  Hobbits are from Middle Earth and do not share the same metabolic systems as Humans, please DO NOT include their capacity to eat and drink heartily 6X a day as part of your new “Hearty As A Hobbit” protocols.  DO make time to laugh and eat and drink merrily with good friends and family as often as you can!

As always share the post with your team and anyone who might find it useful and let me know what you think!

Have a good one, Alex


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