TN50#129, Please Help, 24 August 2023

Hi Team,

A little one among us needs help, his name is Leo and he’s 5 years old.

I met Leo’s dad, Kegan “Smurf” Gill during a crazy trip flying around the world on a project called 7X-HPP; I heard Kegan was a fighter pilot and I mentioned he may have serviced some of my targets during the GWOT (Global War on Terror).  Kegan said something to the effect of, “well, my career didn’t go as planned.” I pushed for more information.

Imagine having to eject from an FA-18.

Imagine doing this over the ocean at almost Mach1, basically crushing your body and being saved because you landed in damn near freezing water where you floated, almost downing, for an hour.

Imagine fighting your way back, physically, mentally and emotionally, to once again flying the FA-18 for the Navy; only to have a traumatic brain reaction to flying (that was then miss diagnosed and miss treated by the Navy and the VA) that almost cost you your life and your ability to walk down the street as a free American Veteran.

Imagine rebuilding your mind and body a second time, finding love in marriage and being a father.

What a great story, right?  Kegan has paid it forward for the next few generations on the pain and suffering front.

Now imagine you find out your beautiful little boy is being attacked by his own immune system and your current medical system can not provide the help your son needs.

Little Leo needs support in the form of prayers and money; you can donate here:

If you want to hear one of the craziest, most amazing stories you’ll ever hear listen to these 4 podcasts.  You may find yourself a little embarrassed about what you complain about; I know I did.


As always share the post with your team and anyone who might help and let me know if you need more direct comms with Kegan!

God Bless, Alex