TN50#142_A Gift for Your Friends_01 December_2023

Hi Team,

I have a gift for your friends, the ones that come to mind as you read on.

Know any friends like this?

It’s December and we’re all going to start hearing the following real soon, “2024 IS THE YEAR I’M GOING TO GET IN SHAPE”.

You know the ones who go full on Rich Froning or Shay Eskew on January 1st and right back to Stuart Smalley by February 1st.

How about friends who:

  • Complain about being a little over weight and a little under muscled
  • Are sleepy all day, especially after lunch, and restless when it’s time for bed
  • Are always highly motivated to work out; tomorrow

Your friend’s situation could also resemble one of these:

  • Head in the Sand Friend: Your friend is really motivated to get healthy and fit but finds that they are overwhelmed with where to start.
  • Kick the Can Friend: Your friend talks about getting fit once they reach a specific work or bank account milestone.
  • Pinball Friend: Your friend bounces from: meditation to Mediterranean diet to cold plunging to body sculpt.
  • Good as It Gets Friend: Your friend is doing the same workouts, that they were doing back in 1994, and currently thinking their poor results are age related.

Ok, you get the picture and let me just say, “GOOD JOB” to the friends you’re thinking of. Getting performance or fitness or health dialed-in is a really big challenge in today’s desk bound, online world. Trying something, heck anything, is better than doing nothing.

Here’s the gift!  Just cut and paste the following in a message to those friends (add the proper names of course).


Hey XXX,

 I know you are ready to take your personal performance to the next level and Alex over at First Principles Performance Coaching has been successfully guiding his clients through that same journey for more than 5 years.   Alex has been a performance geek in some form or fashion for over 30 years.  He’s made all the mistakes and fixed them, personally and for his clients, multiple time. 

 What’s really cool is Alex focuses on the basics of eating, sleeping, moving and thinking better; the stuff that’s been working for all of human history. Then he helps you implement those better basics systematically over time.  Once you have your new frameworks down, Alex helps you lock in a B- (Good Enough) mindset; one that helps you get out of the all too familiar All or Nothing mentality that causes most people to quit every health and fitness journey they begin.

 You can email Alex here:

 Tell him I sent you and that you wanted to discuss what programs are available based on your specific personal performance needs and goals.  He’ll set up a call with you in the next few days to discuss your situation and I’m sure he’ll offer some free resources and point you in the right direction even if you don’t hire him.

 Have a good one, YYY  


That’s it!  Too easy, right?

Have a good one, Alex

PS. Just in case you’d like more details before you launch this message to the those folks who immediately came to mind, you too can email me here:; and we can set up a call in the next few days to discuss your “friends” situation.