TN50#165_My Beach Book List For 2024_13 May_2024

Hi Team,

One week from today, I’ll be rolling across the bridge onto S. Padre Island, Texas for about a week of vacation with my crew.  This is our 3rd year going to S. Padre and we drive, it’s about 17 hours one way.  Our Honda Pilot will be piloted by my oldest son Will, Will is a pilot (-:

Happy Monday and welcome to The Next 50 #165. I like to think of personal performance in 3 components: physical, mental and emotional.  My frameworks focus on 4 Buckets: Eat, Sleep, Move and Think.  This blog is my sandbox for sharing information that you might find useful for your personal performance.

With 8 days of travel/vacation time I’ve been building my reading/audible list for the trip.  On our road trip last year I read a textbook of a manual called Training For The Uphill Athlete, it was a great book to go through while we were in the car.  This year I have 4 books on my list so far, 2 hardback and 2 loaded to audible.  Here’s my list so far:

  1. What The Fire Ignited, by Shay Eskew

Shay is a good friend, I had the good fortune of running all over the world with him on the 7X-HPP Expedition last year.  His story is amazing and I’m excited to finally read the official version this month!

  1. True Believer, Jack Carr

I’ve only read the first book in Jack Carr’s series on, James Reece, I committed on the spot to taking my time with this series, so I ended up listening to the first book 3 times over the last few months.  I’ll be diving into book 2 of 7 this month!

  1. Write Your Story, Allison Fallon

I heard an interview with Allison on a Donald Miller podcast last week and I really connected with her story and her process for writing small chunks of your story in a way that allows you to interact with your past in a “useful, all be it, exploratory and growth focused for the future kind of way”.  Some of you are like, “What are you on about?”  And some of you already get it.  Writing or journaling about your past is a great way to work through issues and plot a better future.

  1. Beneath The Surface, Michael Phelps

Michal Phelps is a very interesting dude, IMO.  I’m going to read his most recent biography, I know there will be some great lessons learned.

What books am I missing?

Who do you know that loves to read and/or recommend good books?  I bet you can think of a couple of folks before you click the next email, so please share the post with your team and anyone who might like it and let me know what you think!

Have a good one, Alex

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