TN50#9, No Where to Go but Up, 01 March 2021

Hi Team,

Happy Monday and welcome to TN50#9.

Get off the ground

Whether you are on the ground because you slipped and fell, you dropped your OURA ring and it rolled under the dresser or you are on your 100th burpee in a 7-minute “Death By Burpees” Test, we humans need to be able to get off the ground.  Just for kicks I put “get off the ground” into Google and immediately found the definition above on the Merriam-Webster’s site.

These 2 definitions are obviously pointing toward a project or business, but I would like you to consider applying them to the successful start of your day – literally, get off the ground!  At this point you may be thinking, Alex is drinking early this week but stay with me and ask yourself, “when was the last time I practiced getting up and down off the ground?”

I am constantly thinking about what the basic requirements of being a useful human are, to that end here is one of my non-negotiables for your baseline.

I can easily get up and down off the ground.

This should be a core component for everyone’s MOVE program.

I made the following video to demonstrate a few options for the practice of getting up and down off the ground and the whole routine takes about 90 second., (please let me know if the video doesn’t work; meaning it actually does not play, not that you don’t like it!  I am testing options for this kind of content.  OK, that was a bit of a joke, you know I love feedback so you can tell me if you think the video stinks as well).  These are all things that work for me, you may have a wrist, knee, hip or multi-joint issue that means some of the examples do-not work for you.  Realizing this now while you are warm, dry and messing around in your living room is the best possible scenario.  Figure out what works, what doesn’t work and what you need to focus your practice on before an unexpected fall with an injury turns getting up into a much more significant event.

So that’s it for today, what do you think?  Are you too cool to practice getting up and down off the ground as part of your MOVE baseline?  How about your mom, dad, sister, uncle, et cetera, is this something worth discussing and demonstrating for someone you care about?

In my world if it’s useful, it’s cool!

As always let me know what you think and please share this with anyone who needs it.

Have a good one, Alex