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TN50#36, Celebrate Work, 6 September 2021

Hi Team,

Happy Monday and welcome to The Next 50 #36.

Happy Labor Day!  Labor Day was officially recognized as a US Holiday in 1894 by President Grover Cleveland.  Here’s an article  for those of you who don’t know or need a refresher on the origins of Labor Day here in the United States.

My version is, Labor Day is a celebration of all the labor and those who labor(ed) to make this great country what it is today.  Early on in the Industrial Revolution, Americans (including little kids) worked in some pretty crappy circumstances, this eventually got sorted out.  There’s a lot more to the origin stories but I am keeping this short.

Fast forward to 2021 and we see headlines like this in the last few weeks, “13% of Jobless Americans Are Choosing Unemployment Benefits Over Work, Survey Shows”There are some interesting issues behind this headline as well but still a drastically different narrative than what we have in the 1880’s and 1890’s.

For those of you who are still reading, here’s an interesting sidenote:  996 was recently deemed illegal by China’s Supreme People’s Court.

What do you think of how far we have come in the US and how will China’s recent decision on 996 spark changes in their culture?

My final thought for today is this, “Thank God I get to work, and work my own way!”

As always, I would love it if you shared your thoughts on this.

Have a good one, Alex

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