TN50 #79, Protein, Protein, Protein, 11 July 2022

Hi Team,

Happy Monday and welcome to The Next 50 #79.  I’m sure this is overkill since I blogged about getting enough protein back in January.  I’m sure you all have looked at the research, did some food journaling, then “mathed” it out to make sure you are getting enough protein – right?

No?  Ok seriously, I know how many times I have to hear/read things to actually make positive change when the topic isn’t something I am naturally drawn to, and like I said I haven’t specifically bugged you all about my favorite macro nutrient since January so buckle up buttercup!   It’s time to talk turkey!  And beef, chicken, pork…  You get the idea.  Protein, protein, protein.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s recent interview with Dr. Stuart Phillips.

So why would you need to know more about protein?

Here are three of my thoughts about protein:

  1. I have never met anyone over 70 who wished they didn’t have so much muscle.
  2. Protein is required for building muscle. Oh, and bones, ligaments, tendons, skin…
  3. Protein is the least likely macro to end up as fat in your body.

Here are three things that you will learn in this masterclass on Protein:

  1. How much protein you need, kilo conversion = bodyweight in pounds/2.2.
  2. In the US, Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) should be renamed Minimum Daily Allowance.
  3. When to eat protein.

For those who can’t be bothered to listen to the whole episode or even go to the episode page, linked above, here is the time stamped episode breakdown, the times are linked to the specific talking point, so you can click on what you like, I have made some highlighted recommendations for you all as a general audience.

From Dr. Patrick – In this episode, we discuss:

  • 00:01:31 – Why muscle is important for longevity
  • 00:08:49 – Is the importance of muscle mass (per se) overstated?
  • 00:11:03 – Is the RDA on protein too low?
  • 00:13:18 – Minimum vs. optimal protein intake (for athletes)
  • 00:13:54 – Why older adults need more protein
  • 00:19:07 – Caloric restriction vs. higher protein for aging
  • 00:22:20 – What is a catabolic crisis?
  • 00:24:05 – Effects of space flight on muscle
  • 00:30:32 – Practical tips for protein intake
  • 00:33:51 – Protein timing and the anabolic window
  • 00:35:44 – Most important factors for hypertrophy
  • 00:38:14 – Should we supplement leucine?
  • 00:40:03 – Does plant protein support hypertrophy?
  • 00:50:48 – Causes of anabolic resistance
  • 00:52:40 – What types of exercise and how much?
  • 01:01:14 – Protein and rest as tools for recovery
  • 01:02:32 – Mechanisms of muscle protein synthesis and breakdown
  • 01:02:50 – Does rapamycin inhibit hypertrophy?
  • 01:07:26 – What is Dr. Phillips doing to age well?
  • 01:09:44 – Hormonal responses to exercise
  • 01:11:34 – Sex differences in hypertrophy
  • 01:13:57 – Effect of menopause on muscle
  • 01:14:22 – Do testosterone boosters work?
  • 01:16:15 – Does growth hormone improve muscle?
  • 01:20:50 – Androgen replacement therapy (benefits vs. drawbacks)
  • 01:25:36 – Mental health benefits of exercise
  • 01:26:15 – Anti-catabolic effects of heat
  • 01:32:39 – Molecular causes of sarcopenia
  • 01:36:56 – Anti-catabolic effects of omega-3
  • 01:43:17 – Brain and muscle effects of creatine

As always, please let me know any thoughts, questions or comments you have on this and share the post with your team or anyone who might find it useful.

Have a good one, Alex

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