TN50#12, Tim Ferriss’s Slow-Carb-Diet, 22 March 2021

Hi Team,

Happy Monday and welcome to The Next 50 #12.

Today I would like to start with one of the funniest things that happened to me as a new 50-year-old.  I joked with Carly about how I woke up on my 50th B-day feeling more mature but it didn’t last.  I now know that I am officially mature because this came in the mail.

Ok on to the topic of the week, EAT.  I was gifted a really fun book for my birthday called, The Third Door, the author is a kid named, Alex Banayan.  I call him a kid because he was born AFTER I joined the Army back in 1991.  “Hmmm, maybe I should be a bit more mature at this point of my life??? Nah.”

It’s Not A Diet

Anyway, in the book Alex B. talked about the Slow-Carb Diet that Tim Ferris developed and blogged about back in 2007.  The Slow-Carb Diet worked really well for the author and a few members of his family in their effort to lose weight.  I have also recommended the slow-carb diet many times over the years and I have continued to personally use Rule #2 for years, “Eat the same few meals over and over”.

Still reading this after I mentioned the word “diet” good, because I wouldn’t call this a diet.  Diet’s suck and generally they fail, but hey it’s Tim’s work so he can call it the Slow-Carb Diet all he wants.  I would call this an EAT Framework for beginners.

If you or someone you love finds “dieting” to be overwhelming this is a great place to start an EAT Framework that may prove effective.  The framework has 4 simple rules and one of them is to have a Treat Day once a week.  Seriously!

I wonder what would happen if you combined something like this framework with a short FC of 8 -10 hours?  My guess is something pretty powerful considering how easy this is to execute.

I know some of you are well beyond this with your own EAT framework but it’s always good to look at a framework like this to see if you can simplify your current set up.

This is also a great opportunity to share something useful with your people so please feel free to do that and as always – let me know what you think.

Have a good one, Alex

P.S. As a review your EAT Basics should support the following:

  1. Plenty of Energy
  2. Not usually feeling Hungry
  3. No Inflammation
  4. Desired Body Composition Changes