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TN50#28, Let’s Talk About Fasting No. 2.1, 12 July 2021

Hi Team,

Happy Monday and welcome to The Next 50 #28.

I know I said this was going to be 2 entries on the PROLON Fast Mimicking Diet, so consider this entry 2.1 of 2 entries on the recent fast week.  I decided to run a third entry based on an email I received from one of my clients down in Texas who experienced her first 5 Day FMD during my last FMD we have been discussing.

Here is Elizabeth’s Post-Fast Thoughts unedited (sidenote, most of this was sent from a beach in Costa Rica while sipping mojitos, yes, we can all be jealous now):


Random thoughts on fast:

-would totally do it again

-wish it was 3 days instead of 5

-I loved the mental clarity

-really missed real food by the end

-like the feeling a week later of being “hungry” but thinking, no big deal, you have fasted for days, just wait out the “hunger” it isn’t a big deal

-hated feeling physically lazy – I had NO motivation to workout whatsoever ever during the fast – none

-seriously, never thought I would fast – ready when you say so for the next one, overall enjoyed the mental clarity

-Also found it super eye opening to realize just how much time I spend thinking about food! When we fasted – for the most part(!) – I loved not having to plan next meals, grocery runs, kid’s meals, dinner, etc. it was interesting to me that so many of my thoughts would have been about food.


Really good stuff, I remember when Elizabeth was really “hangry” just doing a 36 hour fast, amazing how adaptable we human’s are!

There are a few others on this email string that have a lot of PROLON fasts under their belt, feel free to launch your thoughts my way and I will continue sharing the different perspectives.

As always, I would love it if you shared your thoughts on this entry (side note: I have a goal of answering every email I get on these entries going forward) and please share this with your tribe if you think it would be useful..

Have a good one, Alex