TN50#29, Let’s talk about Fasting No. 2.2, 19 July 2021

Hi Team,

Happy Monday and welcome to The Next 50 #29.

I will make this week’s entry a 2-part-er, because I keep getting great FMD insights from you all and because at least one of you has been fasting each week since I started this Fast Mimicking Diet thread I want to keep the energy up, I love how everyone in the end likes the overall experience.

Topic #1.FMD Observations

Here is a great email I received from my good friend Scott, I have known Scott since the day after I moved to Colorado back in 2016.


Hey Team,

So I’ve run through 5 FMDs and here are my thoughts to supplement and agree with Elizabeth’s.

  1. They don’t get better. I just miss food more and more each time I do one
  2. While I’m not a person of faith, and I have no proof of the long-term benefits, I do have faith that there are some, so I will continue to do two fasts per year.
  3. These fasts have definitely made me comfortable with missing meals and not stressing about it
  4. A COA for Prolon is to break the kit into two, a 3-day cycle and 2-day cycle and use whenever you go off the rails
  5. For “working out” during the fast, we need to adjust our mindsets. For this group, working out usually means this, pix1
  6. For most of the rest of the world, working out means this, pix 2
  7. Where we need to be for this week is this, pix 3
  8. What I do is just warm up and then walk for 30 mins listening to a podcast. It’s a subtle mindset shift for 5 days but it works for me.


I love it, I personally find that the fasts seem a bit easier as I gain reps on the FMD so Scott and I have different experiences there and I usually do low intensity strength work from day 2 on.

Topic #2 COVID-19 Lab Leak

I was going to touch base on SLEEP today, BUT!

Peter Attia (The Drive Podcast) released an episode this morning and it is the most thorough and balanced discussion regarding the possibility of the COVID-19 virus being a Lab Leak that I have heard, (Sidenote: This stays out of the conspiracy lane for the most part and stays mostly in the incompetence lane along with a lot of information on China not cooperating with the investigations).  If you want a good education on Lab Leaks in general this will be a great listen at a great price, free!

For those of you who have The Drive loaded on your podcast player it is episode #169, and here is the link if you want to look through the episode notes and listen to the interview from the episode page.

As always, I would love it if you shared your thoughts on this entry (side note: I have a goal of answering every email I get on these entries going forward) and please share this with your tribe if you think it would be useful.

Have a good one, Alex