The Next 50, Welcome!  Read This First, July,2022.

Hi Team,

Welcome to, The Next 50 Blog.  Back in December of 2020 I made a commitment to write something weekly and share with a small list via email and I began in January, 2021 – The Next 50 Blog was born.  I turned 50 in March of 2021, so you guessed it, “The Next 50” refers to years.

Now that I have a website up and running and this sweet blog page to publish on you will see new content weekly, and, over the next few months, you will also see posts from the last 18 months of writing that I feel are worth hanging on this blog page.

I generally stick to writing on my coaching pillars: Eat, Sleep, Move, Think, with an occasional outlier.  Sometimes I am filtering information from a Book or Podcast that I find interesting and useful, sometimes I am sharing a lesson from my 25 years of service in the US Army and sometime I am just firing off a thought or collection of thoughts, Yosemite Sam style. 

Please engage with me on this journey to build better basics in all domains of our lives, which for me includes writing.

Have a good one, Alex