TF50#102, My Favorite Podcasts from 2022, 30 December 2022

Hi Team,

Happy Friday and welcome to The Next 50 #102, everyone loves a few lists this time of year.  Here’s a short list of my favorite Podcasts from 2022.

My Top 3 Performance Pods – I listen to everything from these first 3; and pay for premium content above and beyond what they are putting out for free.

  1. Found My Fitness, The name says it all and it all started here. This is the first real scientist delivering information to laypersons podcast that I listened to.  Rhonda Patrick Ph.D. has more content out there than you could ever consume so if you are looking for a good place to start learning about how to up your personal performance game and you want to hear all about it, especially from a female’s point of view, check this out.
  2. The Drive, This is Dr. Peter Attia’s podcast, Peter Attia brings similar content as Rhonda but the style is different. Peter has an engineering background which is evident in how he thinks and formulates frameworks around personal performance.  His book comes out in March of 2023.
  3. The Huberman Lab, Andrew Huberman Ph.D. is the newest podcaster in my TOP 3, Andrew runs his own lab at Stanford and puts out phenomenal content (all things human, all things performance) as a podcaster in his spare time.

Other Pods I really enjoy:

  1. Gospel in Life, Tim Keller is my podcast pastor! I’ve read a lot of Dr. Keller’s books and listened to many of his sermons (multiple times) over the last 2 decades.  If you need a little more JESUS in your life (and who doesn’t?) add this podcast to your feed.
  2. The Tropical MBA, I have no idea how I stumbled on to this pod but I’ve listened to it for years. I would describe it as a great business podcast for individuals starting a business or side hustle.  Most of their content is focused on lifestyle, location independent businesses in the 6 to 8 figure range.
  3. The Leadership Podcast, Jan Rutherford, is a friend, mentor and former commando who helped me transition from the military to civilian world. He and his fellow podcast host, Jim Vaselopulos, talk all things leadership.
  4. Team VTAC Podcast, Kyle Lamb, is also a friend, mentor and former commando who actually had to put up with me for years while we were both on active duty. His podcast is definitely one to check out if you like: military, hunting, guns, history and leadership.
  5. The Life Coach School Podcast, Brooke C. is the founder of the life coach school I certified under, there’s years of great content here.

As always share the post with your team or anyone who might find it useful and let me know what you think!

Have a good one, Alex

PS – Have a question on any of these podcast that you want answered before you dive in?  Just let me know.